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Yoga Poses Beautiful and Glowing Skin


Pranayama Breathing right is the beginning on the path to healthy skin. Kapalbharti pranayama is known to be the most suited for this purpose. Actress Shilpa Shetty has been advocating Kapalbharti and you can easily learn how to do this. 15 minutes every day should be enough you keep your …

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McLean Falls


  The McLean Falls is a beautiful and amazing waterfalls. The Mclean Falls on the Tautuku River in Catlins Forest Park slope a number of steep drop offs and terraces, with the very top of the waterfall, where it meets its first water pool being 22-metres. It then descends for …

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Cabbage pickle recipe


Ingredients: 1 cup shredded or chopped cabbage 2 cloves of garlic or ginger chopped finely 1 tbs mustard 1.5 tbs red chilli powder Pinch of methi seeds Lemon juice as needed Salt as needed 2 tbsps oil Method: Cut cabbage to large cubes. Wash in ample water. Drain and allow …

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Diabetes control Detox Beet Juice

daibetes juice

Ingredients 1 small beet 2 apples 2 carrots 1 handful of kale Preparation Peel the beet, the apples, and the carrots. Cut the apples into quarters and the beetroot into slices. Put the ingredients in the blender and mix. You can add some water if you drink detox beet …

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Huka Falls


  The Huka Falls are beautiful and largest falls on the Waikato River, it’s near Taupo in New Zealand’s North Island. It is the best visited natural attraction in New Zealand! The Waikato River is one of New Zealand’s longest rivers and it drains Lake Taupo – the biggest freshwater …

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Coconut milk makes your eye lashes glow


To mix one tbs of pure castor oil and olive oil. Apply on the length of your lashes. These oils are natural moisturizers and nourishes for your eyelashes To mix one tbs of pure castor oil and olive oil. Apply on the length of your lashes. These oils are natural …

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Trendy jackets for winter seasons


Wool is a great material for winter coats because it keeps you toasty warm. Fashion is changing rapidly from one season to another, as happens now. Autumn or winter uniform clothing is not just black and … gray. Note oriental influences. And variety of colors, exactly, but obvious attention to …

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Carrot Idli Dressed up Idli with Carrot puree


  Ingredients Idli batter – enough to make 8 idlis Carrot puree – made from 2 big carrots, almost 1 & 1/2 puree Onions – 1 medium Green Chilies – 2 medium Mustard seeds, urad dal – 1/2 tsp Channa Dal – 1 tsp Curry leaves – 4 -5 Salt …

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Lady fingers for diabetes

tip.lady fingers

Take two pieces of lady fingers and remove both ends of each piece. Two pieces from end to end both piece place into a glass of water. Cover the glass and keep it at room temperature overnight. Early in the morring.before breakfast remove the two pieces to drink this …

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Purakaunui Falls


Purakaunui Falls, the most amazing and photographed New Zealand waterfall, is situated in the center of the Catlins Forest Park. Easy walk to the waterfall’s lookout and unique beauty make this falls one of the best offices to inflict with the family, and it’s included into New Zealand Must See …

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