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Is Rahul chose to don ‘Bhasmasura’ role for the party?

Aggressive Congress Vice President’s, Rahul Gandhi, decision to politicize former soldier, Grewal’s suicidal death, yet again raises doubts over his abilities to ‘revive’ the party which was reduced to just 44 seats in 2014 general elections.

Is committing suicide is a punishable crime under Indian Penal Code?  Can anyone dare deny the fact that on an average 20-25 serving jawans committing suicides?

Having slept over the issue of OROP for over five decades, Rahul Ghandhi and the Congress Party suddenly are attempting to become the champions of veterans and armed forces personnel welfare issues.

Sensing an opportunity, even Arvind Kejriwal has jumped on to the bandwagon and crying hoarse over the issue of OROP.

Too late and too little by RG! Why did he and the Scindia not demonstrate the audacity whilst the Congress was in power to stall the Parliament proceedings on the OROP issue? If RG could dare to tear a proposed Bill on the floor of the Parliament, surely he could have asserted his power and championed the cause of soldiers and vetrans?

Was the Congress Party kidding by claiming now that they accepted the OROP in principle and allocated a small sum of Rs.500 crores (grossly inadequate) to gain loyalty of the soldiers and veterans to gain electoral advantage in Punjab and U.P.

In particular, Rahul Ghandhi must remember that it was his grandmother, Indira Ghandhi who reduced the pension of ex-servicemen from 75 to 50 per cent immediately after the victory achieved by them in the 1971 War.

Furthermore, the lowering of the status of the armed forces almost seconding to the bureaucracy.

Also, RG must be told by his coterie that the credit for the lowering of the status of armed forces personnel goes squarely to Nehru days. How can anyone forget Nehru’s statement that “Armed Forces are not needed; Police can is sufficient to ensure security” made immediately after gaining independence.

Had it not been for the invasion by Pakistani forces in to J & K in 1947 after the partition, the Indian Armed Forces would have been made woefully ineffective to defend the borders.

To the credit of the Congress Party also goes to the humiliating defeat suffered at the hands of China in 1962 and the corruption scandal – Jeep Scandal.

Even the raising of the BSF as a counter to the armed forces is to ward off the imaginary and illusory possibility of a military coup. Creating parallel organizations thereby incurring avoidable double costs reflects very poorly on the mismanagement by both politicians and bureaucrats.

Well, some analysts may argue that it’s ‘political compulsion’ that forced Rahul and his party to go aggressive against the Modi-led BJP-NDA government. That too, in the wake of upcoming assembly polls to five states, including Hindi heartland Uttar Pradesh and Punjab what with almost every family have uniform service connection.

But, how can he or his party forgot or ignored having failed to turn a blind eye to veterans woes for over 50 years of their rule and also claims to be ‘solo’ claimants of Indian soldiers welfare and privileges?

Shouldn’t Rahul and his senior party colleagues like Digvijay Singh or Ghulam Ahmed and Kapil Sibbals or P Chidambarams provide answers to historically-recorded facts of the blunders committed by Nehru-Indira dynasty.

Wasn’t Nehru responsible for withdrawal of Indian troops driving back the invaders from the present Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK)? Is he (Nehru) not singularly responsible for 1962 war against China sending Indian troops without proper ammunition?

Back to the soldier’s suicide due to non-implementation of promised One Rank One Pension promise by the Modi government, one would like the Congress to ‘introspect’….’Who prevented them to implement OROP, the demand was hanging in fire for over three decades or so?” Had the Congress party or their successors like Janata Party headed by Morarji Desai or Janata Dal by V P Singh or Chandrasekhar or Deve Gowda or even BJP-led NDA headed by Atal Behrari Vajpayee, the veterans and jawans wouldn’t have come to this sorry pass?

In that context, the Congress or other Opposition parties criticism against two-and-half year old Narendra Modi government is not only ‘ill-found’, but also sounds ‘ridiculous.’

Instead of appreciating the initiative being taken by Narendra Modi government, though not immediately, but couple of months later after taking over reins, to implement the OROP and releasing Rs 5,500 crore of the promised Rs 10,000+ crore, the criticism of Congress and other Opposition parties, especially ‘a self-acclaimed anarchist’ and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is ‘absurd’ and ‘pitiable’.

One also feels sorry to observe ‘murkier politics’ these parties are indulged in ahead of the assembly polls to five states, as they they have no other ‘concrete’ issues to take on the BJP and its allies.

Incidentally, they also failed to ‘orchestrate’ or ‘manufacture’ Dadri like communal ‘mayhem’ as they did before the Bihar polls and reaped electoral benefits this time around.

With no major issues on hand, the entire Opposition feels the soldier’s suicide over alleged non-implementation of OROP may help them get some votes.

With no issue or hope left for their possible ‘come back’ performances in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab polls, the Congress and AAP seems to have caught in their ‘spider web’. If the AAP had given up hope of winning Punjab polls, although some pollsters projected, then the Congress too reconsidering its options in UP and willing to accept SP’s proposal for ‘Mahapratibhandan’ kind of alliance that worked well in Bihar polls, not so long ago.

The moral of the story is that upstart Rahul Gandhi is going to prove ‘disaster’ for the party than an ‘asset’ in the upcoming polls. Further decimation of party in Indian political canvas, appears a reality for Congress under Rahul Gandhi leaders. That’s for sure!

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