Wednesday , January 18 2017
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We are all “rooting for” Donald Trump’s triumph : Obama

LIVE BHARATH : Prez Barack Obama, on Wednesday, assured to ensure a smooth move for Trump, who once find fault with the president’s legacy a hallmark of his campaign.

Barak Obama said,”Everybody is sad when their side loses an election, but the day after we have to remember we’re all on one team,” Obama said. “This is an intramural scrimmage. We’re not Democrats first. We’re not Republicans first. We are Americans first. We’re patriots first. We all want what’s best for this country.”

That includes Trump, Obama said: “That’s what I heard in Mr. Trump’s last night. That’s what I heard when I spoke to him directly. … That’s what the country needs.”

Watch President Obama‘s and Hillary‘s Speech After Trump’s Win


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